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All About Flintlocks. Part Nine. Making Paper Cartridges.

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Keith, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Keith

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    Paper cartridges were used by the military in smoothbore muskets, because it made loading faster. The military method of loading with a cartridge was to bite off the top of the cartridge & then prime the locks pan. Then tip the rest of the gunpowder down the barrel, then push the rest of the cartridge containing the lead ball down the barrel. I DO NOT recommend priming first, this is NOT a safe method. Load the gun first & then prime the pan last using your main powder horn.
    4FG priming powder & priming horns never existed in the 18th century, this is a modern invention that is not required. Just prime your pan with the main powder horn.

    Civilian militia would also use paper cartridges as well as carrying a shot pouch & powder horn. Unlike the military, the militia had no following supply train, they had to carry all they needed themselves.
    [​IMG] This is the copy of a militia cartridge box/Belly Box that I made for my own use.
    [​IMG] This cartridge box has two leather flaps, the inside one to ensure the cartridges do not get wet, & the outer securing flap. This outer flap is secured over a copper nail driven into the wood block.
    [​IMG] The paper cartridges are placed in the holes in the wooden block.
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