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Medical Wipes.

Discussion in 'First Aid, Health & Medicine' started by lonewolf, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. lonewolf

    lonewolf Administrator Staff Member

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    just got hold of some serious clinical wipes, and I do mean SERIOUS. you have to wear gloves with them they are that strong, but its the stuff they use to clean the wards in the hospitals and it will prevent some serious life threatening bugs.
    Clinell Clorex wipes come in a tub of 70, current price is £11.31, trader in our market selling them for £2 !
    wife just cleaned the bathroom and says its spotless and is the cleanest since we moved in in 2009!
    going back for some more next week.
    its because they are shutting down Torquay and Paignton hospitals and all this stuff is going in the skip, not just wipes but everything in the hospital is being disposed of, chairs, tables, the lot. if anyone is down that way it might be worth a look see.
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