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Prepper Abbreviations.

Discussion in 'The Library' started by lonewolf, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. lonewolf

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    for the benefit of newbies I have listed a few of the more common abbreviations used in prepping:
    BBBB:breathing, bleeding, breaks and burns, order of diagnosis and treatment for casualties.
    BIVVY: bivouac(type of shelter).
    BUG OUT: if you or your family have to leave home because it is no longer safe to stay.
    BOB: bug out bag, usually a rucksack or similar bag to keep your equipment and supplies in.
    BOR: bug out route.
    BOV: bug out vest or bug out vehicle.
    CACHE: a remotely located store of food and equipment, usually sited along the chosen bug out route.
    EDC: every day carry, what you normally have on your person on a daily basis.
    FAK: first aid kit.
    GHB: get home bag-like a BOB but this one is for getting home rather than the opposite direction.
    INCH bag: I'm not coming home, like a BOB but for an extended period.
    MRE: meals ready to eat.
    NBC: nuclear, bacterial and chemical.
    PSP: personal survival plan.
    PAW: post apocalyptic world.
    PDW: personal defence weapon.
    PPPPPPP: proper planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance!:p
    RETREAT: place of safety during a disaster.
    SITREP: situation report.
    SSSSSS: sound, shape,shine,shadow, smell, silhouette. what to look out for.
    TEOTWAWKI:used to describe a complete societal collapse aka The End Of The World, As We Know It.
    TV: travel vest-usually a sleeveless vest with lots of pockets, sometimes used by anglers.
    WTSHTF: When The Shit Hits The Fan, sometimes shortened to SHTF.
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